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Highresolution images on your webpage increase customer satisfaction

Deepzoom capabilities are of great value in the context of product presentations:

Just show your customers more detailed pictures. The User only has to click and the picture will enlarge! Excitement, fun and a whole new experience for watching pictures in the internet will be the result! Typically, this "rich media solution" or "on demand media solution" is an extension to existing webpages or web shops.

The concept of door2zoom is as easy as genius:

door2zoom is very easy to integrate and once you got it, you will never want to miss it again! The service can be run as SAAS/ASP model (software as a service, application service providing) which is a hosted solution and you do not have to take care about installations and server maintenance.

door2zoom is used ..

  • .. by web designers
  • .. within eCommerce solutions
  • .. for fashion and livestyle products
  • .. for real estate solutions
  • .. for technical maintenance solutions
  • .. within foto-archives
  • .. for document-management
  • .. in electronic spare parts catalogues
Modern technology:

Video Get one step ahead. Compared to other technologies like Adobe Scene7, Zoomoviewer or Microsoft Deepzoom-Engine, this solution does not either support or require Flash or Silverlight, instead HTML templates can be created using the template wizard. The server side zoom mechanism is implemented as Ajax-request, the same technology that is used by Google-Maps. Highresolution images should have at least 12 Megapixels, typically in the size between 3 and 10 MB, and are rendered server side so that only the viewing portion of the image is beeing sent to the client reducing transfer capacity and increasing perofrmance.

door2zoom covers functionality useful for digital media asset management, CMS (Content Management Systems), PLM (Product Life Cycle Management).
(Webmasters, Web-Designers and Web-Agencies: ask for reseller conditions)

iPhone support:

door2zoom_on_iPhone door2zoom now supports iPhone. Upload huge images on your server and view them using wireless or GPRS access throught Apple's iPhone. Based on the server side rendering mechanism, only small parts of images are transfered to the iPhone. This provides highest image quality, makes access faster, bandwidth requirements lower and transfered data a minimum.

Functionality in detail:

Click here to understand some principal scenarios and usability.


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+43 2243 21816

door2solution is the leading manufactorer of software for image server, online catalogs, image zoom and image management. This includes deep zoom technologies, eCommerce solutions, web catalogs and electronic spare parts cataloges.